Exclusive distributor of drainage pumps under MEUDY brand in Russia

Time:2023-10-31 Author:Olivia Ye

Multipump LLC, INN 5030096267 is the official exclusive distributor of ZHEJIANG FENGYUAN PUMP INDUSTRY CO.,LTD 

for the sale, service and warranty repair of drainage pumps under the MEUDY brand in the Russian Federation.

We hereby confirm that the company Multipump LLC, INN 5030096267 is the official exclusive distributor of ZHEJIANG FENGYUAN PUMP INDUSTRY CO.,LTD for the sale, service and warranty repair of drainage pumps under the MEUDY brand in the Russian Federation. 

When purchasing this equipment through Multipump LLC, we guarantee the original origin of the products supplied by this company, maintaining the manufacturer’s factory warranty and providing full information and technical support.

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