4SD(M) Submersible Motor – TYPE B

Structure and characteristics

Motors are designed with quality material and unique features to assure years of dependable operation.

NEMA Standard flange connector.

Oil-filled motor keeps windings cool, permanently lubricated bearings to provide reliable pump service.

Watertight double-insulated cable entry system prevents capillary action and protects against moisture .

A rubber diaphragm is provided to guard against pressure and volume variations due to thermal expansion of oil inside the motor.


Insulation class: F  Protection class: IP68  Water temperature: up to 35

PH: 6.5 - 8.0. Maximum No.of starts per hour:30 Maximum immersion depth: 150 m.

Fluid-lubricated thrust bearings. Lip seal protected by sand guard.

Fitted with watertight connector. Power: single-phase:0.37 kW2.2kW   three-phase: 0.37 kW7.5 kW.

Power supply:single-phase 230V±10%,50Hz. 220V±10%,60Hz

                    three-phase 230V±10%,50Hz. 220V±10%,60Hz

                    three-phase 400V±10%,50Hz. 380V±10%,60Hz

Axial load:1500 N(0.37 kW0.75 kW);

                    2500N(1.1 kW2.2 kW).

                    4500N(3 kW4 kW).


Series Product Specfications

Material of Construction
Packing Dimension

Consumable Parts

4SD(M) Submersible Motor – TYPE B

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