Structure and characteristics

FBME series is a portable automatic submersible drainage pump. FBME series pump is automatically started and stopped by the built-in intelligent controller and water level electrode. The starting water level accuracy reaches to millimeter level. Delayed shutdown at low water level will prevent frequent startup due to water level fluctuation. In case of abnormal voltage and overload, The pump will stop working automatically and detect automatically when start up. It is suitable for use in the places with unstable water level and voltage, and can be operated unattended.

FBME pump adopts lightweight design. The small outer diameter allows it to be used in an 8-inch well. The components of FBME series are made of wear-resistant rubber and ductile iron which is with excellent durability. The water is sucked from the bottom and discharged from the top through the inter layer between the motor case and the water jacket ,which provide the highest cooling efficiency for the motor, and thus allow continuous operation at low water level. There’s a large gap between the semi open impeller and the pump body, so the impeller will not be easily stuck by mud or sand. The hose coupling could be installed vertically or obliquely to prevent the soft hose pipe from folding or bending.

Built-in intelligent controller function

When the water level is lower than the liquid level probe, the pump stops working within 60 seconds. When the water level rises to touch the liquid level probe, the pump starts working again, and the height of the liquid level probe can be adjusted freely.

When the voltage is abnormal or overloaded, the pump will automatically stop working and recover after 5 minutes; When the impeller is stuck and locked, the pump will stop working immediately and the pump can be recovered through disconnecting and then connecting the power supply

When the motor is over temperature, the pump will stop working automatically, and the pump will start up automatically after the motor is cooled.

You can query the cumulative operation time of the pump and the latest 5 fault records by checking the display panel


Civil engineering, building sites, basements or other utility pits

Rainwater and mud water

Series Product Specfications

Material of Construction
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Consumable Parts


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