Intelligent Controller C3-L2/C3-P2

Main specifications

·Rated input voltage: AC380V, three phase

·Rated frequency: 0.75-5kW(1HP-5HP), 5.5-7.5kW(7.5HP-10HP), 11kW(15HP), 15kW(20HP)

Main features

·Control characteristic: Level transmitter(Real-time display of liquid level depth)

  Control characteristic: Level transmitter, Remote manometer(Real-time display of liquid level depth)

·Display feature: HD LCD dynamic English language display

·Control mode: Manual/Auto, duplex pump automatically alternate & automatically switch against malfunction

·Have complete protection function in manual/automatic state

·Pump last five fault record displaying

·Pump accumulative running time displaying

·Pump shaft rust protection

·Push button calibration

·Remote network port

·Remote monitor at buyer’s option(SC2-L)

·Button calibration state indication

·Failure alarm

·Overflow alarm

Series Product Specfications

Packing Dimension

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Consumable Parts

Intelligent Controller C3-L2/C3-P2

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